Andrew Burns

2 years ago

Kaspersky KSC 10.3.407 Upgrade

Andrew Burns kaspersky   update  

Cannot Connect after Update See issue 1 Download the archive and extract the files. 2 Go to the Kaspersky Security Center installation folder. 3 Replace the klcss…

2 years ago

Drupal 6 Cron Fix

Andrew Burns drupal   cron   drush  

I know Drupal 6 should have been retired a long time ago. But... When cron fails you can fix it with: $ drush vdel cron_semaphore $ drush vdel cron_last $ drush sqlq "DELETE FROM semaphore WHERE na…

2 years ago

Ghost on Debian (Virtualmin)

Andrew Burns Ghost   virtualmin  

Install nodejs from $ curl -sL | sudo bash - $ sudo apt-get install -y nodej Add a new domain in virtualmin and su to that user. cd to public_h…

2 years ago

Nginx and SSL with Let's Encrypt

Andrew Burns Nginx   SSL   Security   letsencrypt  

I am using nginx to perform SSL termination before forwarding requests to a Varnish cache. The main server configuration is handled by Virtualmin. Configure nginx sites Site files should be placed wi…

2 years ago

Drupal and HTTPS

Andrew Burns drupal   modules   https   pathologic   letsencrypt  

Out of the box Drupal works over http. These days we really should be using https to protect our users. To get Drupal to work over https takes a little effort. The Certificate Before you can start y…